Last Day in Istanbul



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Day 5.

I was pretty disappointed as  the weather had changed and my plans for the beach went out the window. It was a cloudy day so we decided to go on a cruise across the Bosphorus.

I discovered this beautiful park called Goztepe park close to the hotel I stayed, and I just had to indulge. It was beyond beautiful, pictures didn’t even do it any justice. I was like a kid in a the candy store, I wanted to take pictures at every corner of this park.

We got tickets for the cruise (about €40 each) at the Galata Bridge. We set off, the entire ride across the Bosphorus Bridge took us about 1 hour 45 minutes.

Asia and Europe meet at Bosphorus, so basically I was in two continents AT THE SAME TIME!

On way back the tide was high and boat became slow, at this point I got scared because I’m naturally dramatic. Then I got cold because i didn’t dress appropriately for the weather so I went down inside the boat where it was warmer. I definitely advice anyone going for this to have a scarf and a coat.

When we got back on land we decided to have diner under the Galata Bridge, and watch the sun set. It was a lovely sight and the food was absolutely amazing. As a seafood lover I was in heaven, there’s nothing like fresh seafood.

Crop Top : ASOS | Trousers : WanniFuga | Sunglasses : Dapmod | Sandals : ASOS | Bag : Nine West | WristWatch : Marc Jacobs|


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